NJC Pay Ballot Branch Result

UNISON held a consultation to allow members in local government and schools to decide whether to accept or reject a pay rise of 2.75% and a one-day increase in the minimum annual leave allowance.

UNISON felt the offer fell well short of what members need and deserve. However, UNISON’s NJC committee (the body that negotiate your pay) believed it was the best pay offer that could be achieved by negotiation.

The Local Government Association made it clear that it will not approach the UK government to request any further money for local government pay. Therefore the NJC committee agreed to put the offer to members and launch a full consultation.

The Barnsley Branch conducted a consultation of its local government and school based members using online and postal ballots. The closing date was Monday 10th August. The results of that consultation are now available.

Of the members sent an online or postal ballot, 28% participated in the consultation.

Of those who participated, 71% voted to accept the pay offer and 29% voted to reject it.

There will now be a series of meetings at a regional and national level so the union can assess the responses from Branches across the country, and decide what action to take next. There will be further communications when a decision has been made.