Care companies give mixed response to Barnsley Council’s offer to pay care workers more

In January we told you that UNISON had been in discussions with Barnsley Council about care workers’ pay, which resulted in the Council putting forward proposals to implement an “Excellence in Care Programme”.  This would mean a pay rise for all Barnsley care workers with a new minimum hourly rate of £9.72 from 1 April.

The increased rates of pay are possible because the Council agreed to increase the funding given to care providers so that it could be passed on to care workers.

Unfortunately, whilst we understand that all 8 home care providers that are contracted to the Council have accepted the Council’s offer and are now paying their workers the new higher rate, so far only 8 out of 46 care homes have agreed to pay the increased rates.

It is bitterly disappointing that care workers, who have been on the front line during the COVID 19 crisis and rightly hailed as heroes, are being denied a pay rise by care home owners even though it is to be paid for by the Council.

UNISON intends to name and shame the care homes that continue to refuse to increase pay. However, to start with we’re naming those care homes that have AGREED to increase pay.  A full list can be found below, together with details ofhow you can help us to put pressure on the other homes so that all care workers can receive the pay increase that the Council has made available.

Remember #clapforourcarers?

We say #fairpayforcarers

The care homes that have accepted the Council’s proposals and will pay carers a minimum of £9.72 an hour are:


Galtee More

Holly Tree Lodge

Hunningley Grange

Lindhurst Lodge

Mapleton Court

Rosehill House

The Conifers

If you work in one of the care homes that is not listed above then please help us to get you the pay rise that you deserve.


Sign and share our petition. Our petition calls on all the independent care providers that have received Barnsley Council’s offer of additional funding to accept the offer and award the the pay rise to their care workers.

It can be found online at


You can join UNISON online at  or by downloading and completing an application form. Please talk to your colleagues about this situation and ask them to join UNISON. The more of you that are in UNISON, the louder your voice is. You will receive £15 worth of Love2Shop vouchers for each member you recruit to UNISON.  To receive your vouchers please write your name and membership number clearly on the top of all completed application forms and ensure they are returned to:

UNISON Branch Office,
Town Hall,
Church Street,
S70 2TA